Eliminations in Brief IV

Happy Wednesday!

Batman Returns –Completely average in every imaginable way, and so uncreative in its design that we’re having a hard time finding the inspiration to come up with an original way to criticize it.

Shadow Dancer: The Secret of ShinobiThe game that taught us that a ninja’s most closely guarded secret is his love of shadow dancing.

Universal SoldierSince it’s about cloning, this is the one game where having a bunch of enemies that all look exactly alike actually works out in the game’s favor.Too bad nothing else does.

Alien³ Uncontrollable, incoherent, and a pale imitation of the vastly superior SNES version.

3 Ninjas Kick BackThe path of the true ninja apparently involves a lot more hanging out in caves and running away from boulders than I had originally thought.


Ayrton Senna’s Super Monaco GP II – Easily the best Genesis game ever endorsed by Ayrton Senna.We’re eliminating it anyway.

AerobizTell you what: if you can come up with a good reason for us to have two business games about the airlines on the list, we’ll let Aerobiz back in.

Funny World & Balloon Boy You ever wonder just how bad a game has to be to not have gotten a Sega Seal of Quality?Well, here you go.

Exodus Perhaps the strongest argument ever made in favor of creationism, as evolution would never have allowed for a sequel to Bible Adventures to exist.

Virtual Pinball At what point did “Be better than CrueBall” turn into an impossibly high standard?

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