Normy’s Beach Babe-o-Rama

Sometimes game designers don’t think their ideas all the way through.The plotline to Normy’s Beach Babe-o-Rama is pretty straightforward – beach babes get abducted, and it’s up to Normy to rescue them.Seems like a not-too-subtle way to include some T&A into a Genesis game.But here’s the problem – if the beach babes all got kidnapped, it means you barely see them until the end of the game.That’s a lot more time looking at Normy and a lot less time oogling girls in their swimsuits than anybody really wanted.


Never to be seen again, because seriously, nobody is going to bother finishing this crummy game.

I know what the designers were thinking – the prospect of rescuing swimsuit-clad females would be enough to motivate all the testosterone-driven teenage boys who bought the game to play it all the way to its conclusion, even though the game itself wasn’t anything special.Nice try, but even back during the (mostly) pre-internet era in which Normy came out, there were much easier ways to see scantily clad women.We still had MTV, the USA network, and in the worst case scenario, TNN’s entire lineup consisted of nothing but Dukes of Hazzard reruns.Not to mention that this game came out only a few years after the creation of Baywatch.

Next time, if you want to get us to play all the way through your game, try making it more fun.And if that should prove too difficult, at least follow your original idea to its logical conclusion and make a game where you play as the beach babes as they attempt to rescue Normy.Or better yet, just make a fighting game where they mud-wrestle each other.

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