Eliminations in Brief III

Wednesday is the day we knock ten games off the list with brief explanations, and this week, we decided to focus on EA.Electronic Arts released a ton of games on the Genesis, many of were either ports of PC and Amiga games that it had published, or were original games that benefited from the publisher’s PC experience.Many of these titles were quite innovative and unlike anything else seen on the Genesis, and quite a few of them were pretty good.But not all.Let’s say goodbye to some of their lesser offerings:

BUDOKANBudokan: The Martial SpiritHere’s a quick tip for all you aspiring game designers: If you ever make a fighting game that in any way resembles Budokan, you fucked up.Badly.

Faery Tale AdventureBlends elements of action games and RPGs into one game, which is cool.Also assigns most of the actions you would perform in either type of game all to the same button, which is kind of a pain.

Urban Strike Be honest – how much longer did you really think we’d keep all three Strike games on the list?

Shadow of the BeastShadow of the Beast II is one of the worst Genesis games ever made.SotB doesn’t have you playing as a naked caveman, but otherwise isn’t much better.

B.O.B.Proves that for all their innovation and original ideas, EA was still perfectly capable of making a completely unremarkable side-scroller…

Battle Squadron …or vertical shooter, for that matter.

PowermongerEA made a strategy game for the Genesis, which is a rather questionable strategy in of itself.

Mario Andretti RacingWell, at least Genesis owners can say they finally have a Mario game on their system.

Sword of SodanNow that the CIA isn’t supposed to waterboard detainees anymore, they might want to consider forcing them to play Sword of Sodan instead.


Rolo to the RescueThe only people who could stand to play a game this cute all have better things to do, like skip through the woods picking wildflowers and hugging animals, or, I don’t know, finish kindergarten.

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