Super Baseball 2020

Brad: It’s kind of like the Mutant League version of baseball, except there’s no mutants, it tries to take itself seriously, and it’s not fun.

Stryker: Yeah, adding robots, land mines and “home run zones” seems like a lot of work just to make a baseball game that isn’t as much fun as EA’s “normal” MLB games. I mean, HardBall! accomplished the same thing without any of that futuristic stuff.

Brad: You know what was kind of a warning sign for me? The promotional materials for the game and the back of the box all had the picture of the girl making the diving catch where you can see down her shirt. If a game is going that far out of its way to try to distract you with cleavage, you know its not good.

Stryker: I’m just having my doubts about whether or not the sports playing robots are going to be ready in the next 12 years. I haven’t seen them anywhere yet.

Brad: You must not watch many games on Fox.

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