Fido Dido

Very few of you probably remember, or have even heard of, Fido Dido.For those of you not familiar, he was a cartoon character who became a short-lived fad in the late 80s / early 90s, and was briefly a mascot for 7Up.But while he was quickly forgotten in the U.S., the character’s appeal was longer-lived in Europe and other overseas markets, and he remains at least somewhat known even today.Because of this, it may seem odd that they bothered to bring the Fido Dido game out in the US, but here’s the crazy part – it was actually released ONLY in the U.S.

Ok, but is that enough of a reason to cross it off the list?Well, in a vacuum, no.But keep in mind that not every game that gets made comes out in the U.S.In this case we have a game that clearly would have been more popular in Europe than it would have been here, yet we’re the ones that got it.

Contrast this to another game we stumbled across in the GameFAQs database while doing our research on Fido Dido, which was released in Europe, but never came to American shores – Don’t Cock it Up!What kind of a world, I ask you, do we live in where games like Don’t Cock it Up! never see the light of day in our great nation, while we get stuck with garbage like Fido Dido?How is that possibly fair?Just think, in a more perfect world, instead of us talking about an uninspired platformer like Fido Dido, we could be cocking it up right now. And I mean, really, really just cocking it all the hell up.

Crossing Fido Dido off the list won’t fix this injustice, of course.But it does make us feel a little bit better.

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