If a large group of bad game ideas were to get together and have an orgy without using any birth control, Cyber-Cop would be the unplanned, yet completely predictable, result.It’s not enough that it’s a first-person shooter (which was already more than the Genesis could handle competently), but its an unnecessarily complex one, with an inventory, and equipment upgrades and other nonsense to worry about.The result is an ugly, hard to control game with a nightmare interface and some pretty generic gameplay.

Graphics are a problem for Cyber-Cop not only because everything looks bad, but because they actually make the game harder to play.In order to limit the graphical demands being made on the Genesis, the gameplay is shown only on a tiny portion of the screen which, for some crazy-ass reason,is bordered by on either side by a picture of a guy in his underwear, while the lower corner tauntingly calls you a virgin.In addition, nothing is textured in any way – walls are a flat grey colour, while doors are either white or black rectangles.As a result, almost everything looks alike, making it easy to get disoriented and lost, while also making finding enemies and items harder than it should be.

Don’t think for a minute that I’m blaming the Genesis for Cyber-Cop’s failures, though.True, the Genesis didn’t handle 3d very well.But the answer to that problem isn’t to attempt to make a 3d game on it anyway.And processing power is only a small part of why Cyber-Cop sucks – there’s also poor level designs, braindead enemy AI, and a clumsy interface to contend with.There’s a very cynical part of me that believes that the makers of this game realized how bad it was going to be, but hoped that because it was a Genesis game, they could try to hide its failures behind the system’s shortcomings.

No more hiding Cyber-Cop.You’re done.

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