Wednesdays are Eliminations in Brief

Not every elimination requires a great deal of explanation. Some games have a single, fatal flaw that disqualifies them from making the Top 100. Others are completely terrible in every possible way, and to write about them at length would result in little more than simply republishing the thesaurus entry for “horrible”. There are also games that are bad in not-very-interesting ways. And sometimes we’re just feeling kind of lazy. For all of these situations, we have these single sentence eliminations. Every Wednesday, we’ll do ten. Today, the following games get crossed off the list:

Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure: I didn’t find this game’s constant fart and booger jokes to be that funny back when I was 15, and surprisingly, I still don’t now.

The Haunting Starring Polterguy: Worried that gamers might have trouble identifying with an undead lead character, the designers decided to make “Polterguy” look like someone the kids today could easily relate to – a 1950’s motorcycle punk.

Toys: As hard to believe as it may be, a game based on the movie Toys isn’t one of the best 100 games availible for the Genesis.

Home Alone: Wait, did I say Toys? I meant to say Home Alone.

Home Alone 2: Wait, did I say Home Alone? I meant to say Home Alone 2.

Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition: I love Street Fighter, but it’s a game requiring 6 buttons, appearing on a system who’s controller only had three…

Super Street Fighter II: …and as expected, adding four new characters to the game didn’t do anything to fix that problem.

Menacer 6-game Cartridge: Seriously, who bought this thing?

SeaQuest DSV: Somehow manages to be even worse than the TV show it was based on.

Hard Drivin’: There Really isn’t much we could say about Hard Drivin’ that we didn’t already say when we knocked its sequel, Race Drivin’, off the list a few days ago.

By the way, this brings us down to 515 games. For those of you who like to play along at home, be sure to check out our new, up-to-date list, which will be updated every time we eliminate a game.

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