Bible Adventures

Before we can discuss Bible Adventures, I need to explain to you exactly how we’re doing this project. Stryker used to own a used game store. He doesn’t anymore because, I swear to God, 90% of the people who came in were there to sell their old games and use the money to buy crystal meth down at the bus stop. This wasn’t very good for business, but the upside was that Stryker managed to amass a pretty impressive personal collection of NES and Genesis games. This collection provides us with approximately three quarters of the games on our list. However, Bible Adventures was not amongst them. Stryker had never even heard about a Genesis version of Bible Adventures.

For the games that Stryker doesn’t have, there’s Filthy Rich. Rich works a stand at the flea market, and earned his nickname because he looks like he takes a shower once a year. As an added bonus, the games he sells look like they had been used as a scrubbing device for that annual shower. The good thing about Filthy Rich however, is that somewhere amidst his stacks of cholera-ridden sludge games, he has everything. Except Bible Adventures for the Genesis, which he insists doesn’t exist. “You mean for the Nintendo,” he said “there is no Bible Adventures for the Genesis.”

We then tried the internet. An eBay search showed zero copies up for auction. In desperation, we decided to run the game on an emulator, but a ROM of Bible Adventures was also not to be found, either.

Based on this experience, we have come to the conclusion that, despite being listed on GameFAQs, Wikipedia, and various other websites, a Genesis version of Bible Adventures is, in fact, a myth, and should therefore be eliminated.

Besides, even if it does exist, did you really expect a Christian game to win this thing?

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