Sorry, Joe Montana – You’re Cut

Back in the Genesis era, Electronic Arts would release a new version of its more popular sports games every year.Years later, this leaves us in an interesting philosophical question – if you could only have 100 Genesis games, how many of them would be different versions of Madden?Depending on how much you like football, your answer should be either one or zero.The same principle applies to pretty much all the other sports that EA made a new game for every year – hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer.Therefore, we’re going to just lump them all together as one series per sport.After many cases of Miester-Brau and some bare-knuckle boxing amongst the staff, we decided our favorites were Madden, NHL, FIFA, their various NBA series,and Triple Play/Tony Larussa.  We also decided to keep PGA European Tour but get rid of the other gold games.Therefore, go ahead and say goodbye to EA Sports’ also-ran games:

Bill Walsh College Football

Bill Walsh College Football ‘95

College Football USA ’96

College Football USA ’97

PGA Tour Golf

PGA Tour Golf 2

PGA Tour Golf 3

PGA Tour Golf ’96

Of course, EA wasn’t the only company putting out sports games.A lot of other publishers released sports titles in the hopes of coming out with an even better product than Electronic Art’s offering and wrestling away some of their market dominance.At least that’s what they claimed.Since almost all of these games were cheaply produced knock-offs of the EA versions,it seems more likely that the companies that made them were really just hoping that some kid’s parents would get confused and accidentally buy the wrong football game.Well sorry, other sports games, if your entire legacy is ripping off a more successful franchise and making children sad on Christmas, then you can’t have a Seal of Approval.Therefore, we are eliminating the following games:

Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf

AWS Pro Moves Soccer

Brett Hull Hockey ’95

Cal Ripken Junior Baseball

Champions World Class Soccer

Chi Chi’s Pro Challenge

Coach K College Basketball

College Football’s National Championship

College Football’s National Championship II

David Robinson’s Supreme Court

Dick Vitale’s “Awesome, Baby!” College Basketball

Double Dribble The Playoff Edition

ESPN Baseball Tonight

ESPN National Hockey Night

ESPN Sunday Night NFL

Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt Baseball


Hardball 3

Hardball ’94

Hardball ’95

Head-On Soccer

Jack Nicklaus Golf

Joe Montana II: Sports Talk Football

Joe Montana Sportstalk Football ’94

Mario Lemieux Hockey

Mike Ditka Power Football

MLBPA Sports Talk Baseball

NBA Action ’94

NBA Action ’95

NBA Action ’96

NBA All Star Challenge

NBA Showdown ’94

NCAA Final Four Basketball

NCAA Football

NFL Prime Time ’97

NFL Prime Time ’98

NFL Quarterback Club

NFL Quarterback Club ’96

NFL Sports Talk Football ’93 Starring Joe Montana

NFL Sports Talk Football ’94 Starring Joe Montana

NFL Sports Talk Football ’95 Starring Joe Montana

NHL All-Star Hockey ’95

Pat Riley Basketball

Pebble Beach Golf

Pele 2 World Tournament


Pete Sampras Tennis

Pro Quarterback Football

RBI Baseball 3

RBI Baseball 4

RBI Baseball ’93

RBI Baseball ’94

Roger Clemens’ MVP Baseball

Tom Lasorda Baseball

Troy Aikman NFL Football

Unnecessary Roughness ’95

Wayne Gretzky Hockey

World Championship Soccer

World Championship Soccer 2

World Cup USA ’94

World Series Baseball

World Series Baseball ’95

World Series Baseball ’96

World Series Baseball ’98

World Trophy Soccer

By the way, these are just the “simulation”-style sports games.The more arcade-style games, such as NBA Jam, will live to fight another day.

Also, as long as we’re talking sports, let’s thin out the ranks of the tennis games, shall we?IMG International Tour Tennis is our game of choice, based almost solely on the fact that it was the only one we played where we could hit the ball with any kind of consistency.Hey look, we like a challenge in our sports games as much as anyone, but Michael’s Chang’s Watch the Computed Controlled Guy Score a Bunch of Aces on You just doesn’t make for a very engrossing game.Anyway, the following largely unplayable games are now off the list:

Andre Agassi Tennis

ATP Tour Championship Tennis

David Crane’s Amazing Tennis

Davis Cup World Tour Tennis

Jennifer Capriatti Tennis

Wimbledon Championship Tennis

So this was a busy day. 105 games got eliminated.For those of you scoring at home, that means the total remaining games is now below 600.Next time, we’ll do a lightning round, knock off a bunch more games, and try to get things down close to 500.

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